• Typology


  • Status

    2016, Competition entry

  • Location

    Lou┼łovice, Czech Republic

A Simple School

Location of the site is in a serene neighborhood away from a metropolis. Forest abuts one side of the site and on the other three sides we have residences. As we move around these municipalities, forest seems to be visible.

Considering the complex nature of the programme and the need to arrive at a solution which not just accommodates but is emotional as well, we have come up with this architectural solution:

View of forest from all functional areas was key and hence the u-shaped nature of the master plan. Zoning of school areas and areas for public participation is separated as and connected by the secondary axis. The site after construction not only functions as a separate school entity but is a part of the community of the four municipalities.

As the whole design revolves around the forest (nature), we intended to create and merge the architectural elevation with it. The facade is forest abstraction of verticals, orderly chaos., of hide and seek of light rays that enter through punctures.

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