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    Kudlu, Bengaluru


Upon being offered to design the franchise’s second school, this time in a bustling urban setting, we explored the idea of two playgrounds’ concept. One for large gatherings and one for smaller breaks and recesses. 

Inside the building, the traditional double loaded corridor was replaced with a single loaded corridor with a small gap in between two corridors in our first project with Sri Chaitanya techno school. This time we moved the corridors further away to make a reasonable size courtyard inside of the school which helps in providing sufficient light and ventilation to the classrooms which otherwise would have only one source of light and ventilation. Ascending through the building, a sweeping staircase adorns one side of the courtyard. This architectural feature not only facilitates circulation but also fosters organic connections, promoting serendipitous and collaborative encounters.

Spanning across 50,000 square feet and a playground, the school becomes a relief space in the surrounding densely populated urban landscape.

The façade of the project is a canvas of vibrant expression, weaving together hues of lavender, purple, beige, and white into a composition of visual delight. This distinctive color scheme infuses the building with youthful exuberance. The volumetric composition of the project is an experiment in making a 2.5 dimensional elevation in an institutional level building. The allowed projections being very minimal due to vaastu restrictions, the constraints were capitalized to make a shallow elevation.

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