• Typology


  • Status

    2022-2023, Completed

  • Location

    Rainbow Drive layout, Bengaluru


Nestled within the gated community of Skanda Avani at Hadosiddapura, along Sarjapur Road, lies a distinctive project housing a three bedroom home. This west-facing property spans a modest yet functional 30×50 feet, embodying a seamless blend of comfort and style.

The exterior facade boasts a tasteful combination of traditional local stone, reflecting earthly texture juxtaposing with some modern materials such as external grade high pressure laminates(HPL). Inside, the interiors unfold with rich textures and warm hues, including natural materials like marbles and veneer wall panels that lend an inviting ambiance to the living spaces. Contrasting these, Bharath flooring adds a touch of timeless charm. The carefully curated material palette with a mix of natural and man made materials like solid wood, glass, metal, natural stones, ceramic tiles etc. continues to work in harmony throughout the project. 

Most of the public spaces are on the first floor with a living, dining and kitchen punctuated with a central staircase and a small guest bedroom. The two most used bedrooms are on the upper floor. While the three bedrooms enjoy the cozy, warm ambience from the dark flooring and the warm white lights, the Living, kitchen and the dining become a pivotal space as it enjoys natural light from the stairwell and a large volume on the eastern part or the site. Aesthetically, the kitchen stands for modern functionality, with sleek lacquered glass finishes combining practicality with contemporary design sensibilities. 

A focal point of the design is the triple-height wall cladding abutting the staircase, accentuated by strategically placed skylights that flood the interior with natural light. An indoor garden adds a refreshing element, further enhancing the connection to nature within the confines of the home.  Wooden safety grills not only provide security but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor space. Outdoor living is embraced with a thoughtfully designed balcony featuring bonsai planters, offering a tranquil retreat for contemplation and relaxation.

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