• Typology


  • Status

    2015, Competition winning entry

  • Location

    Rajasthan , INDIA

Power Up

The idea of a toll booth being an independent structure in a no man’s land is a very common sight in most of the places across the globe. The employees of the toll booth are exposed to harsh weather conditions along with constantly inhaling tonnes of vehicular exhaust.


As we move towards a green initiative and a clean energy powered toll booth module, we at Nele thought we could make a module which is self-sustaining, cleaner and greener. The concept was to treat this junction as a landmark and a plaza which can be more than just an area to collect toll. The experience while passing through this is to be that of going through a patch of a mini forest which is sustained through solar power.


The toll plaza aims to provide a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing Design. It’s simple profile and compactness provides a pleasant, healthy and steady-state internal environment. With a wide frontage and a large roof structure, the canopy efficiently traps the solar radiations generating ample amounts of solar energy. The roof overhang is designed to allow plenty of natural daylight to enter inside the functional toll plazas and the basement areas, reducing the cost of artificial lighting. With sustainability as a central theme, each element of the design strategy reflects an ambitious effort towards achieving sustainable architecture both in the

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