• Typology

    Interior Design, Residential

  • Status

    2016, Completed

  • Location



Upon embarking on the project, we were met with the inherent complexities of retrofitting a home theater within an already established framework. The uneven roofline posed a unique puzzle, demanding creative solutions to seamlessly integrate our vision within the existing spatial constraints.  

In our quest for aesthetic excellence and structural integrity, we turned to the principles of parametric design to transcend the limitations imposed by structural elements, sculpting a space that seamlessly melds form and function. The iterative process of parametric design enabled us to navigate the complexities of the architectural terrain with precision and finesse, resulting in a theater that exudes sophistication and elegance in equal measure.

Harnessing the Power of Color:

Central to the immersive allure of our home theater is the strategic implementation of a vibrant rust-colored palette. Through the judicious saturation of orange hues, we endeavored to envelop inhabitants in a cocoon of warmth and visual intrigue. The seamless transition from wall to roof, facilitated by a flowing design language, helps in crafting cohesive and harmonious spaces that transcend the conventional boundaries of architectural expression.

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